Hello Lovelies!

This month or should I say year seems to be moving on a fast note don’t you think so or is it only in my eyes? OK maybe!Β  Welcoming you to a new month seems like I just woke up from sleep so I will just say welcome to another month of love.

This post on Valentine will be my very first but definitely not the last on my blog….(amen), I’m glad I will be talking about my feelings for valentine. I’m not hear to lecture you about valentine because I also don’t take it as any special day , I don’t see why its should be a special day because the love I share is everyday love , its not shared most on this so called special day but if the world as it has always been says we should observe it if you like sure why not let’s celebrate it.

I remember back in high school, students always go out to have fun the next day on the assembly ground some are always punished for going out to places they aren’t supposed to. Nevertheless all I wanna say is “Let love lead it should wait till a particular day before it can be appreciated , appreciate love everyday as it is being shown to you.

Let’s keep sharing this love that has being laid down for us for free.


Shorts: thrifted

Blouse: thrifted

Bag and sandals: thrifted

What do you think about Valentine, do you take time to celebrate it too? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section.

Till my next postπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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