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Hello Lovelies!

How’s January being so far, people do say new year is usually tight and things are always high and demanding especially in the aspect of money but hello! Things can’t be hard when you know how to plan yourself , set your scale of preference and the the not so important things for later.

To the main business of today. I never knew how important it is to keep to time until this morning when I ignorantly delayed going early for my examination. The truth is I had the mindset of ” its not far since I was going to go in a private car ” so I relaxed and keep doing jeje ( sluggish prepping). Leaving the house, facing traffic of Lagos you know how Lagos is in the morning, most Lagos car’s , buses, trucks and trailers are already on the road trying to meet up with the day duty.

When I got there I was told I wasn’t going to be allowed in that some students that even came earlier than I did are still begging to be allowed in for the examination, I was shocked! Quickly I joined the begging team lol…just then I saw my friend she was coming out of the examination  Hall already done gehn gehn…it then dawned on me that I just missed an examination out of my own ignorance .

Timing is one crucial lifestyle everyone shouldn’t joke with , it doesn’t matter if you had to or have to wait 3hours before the event started . just don’t be against time always try to be ahead .

  • Plan well.
  • Set your things ready night before.
  • Don’t always have that mindset that there is still time .
  • Always be punctual.
  • Always pray for Favour of God.

So lovelies , I will leave you with this quote.

Time waits for no one , whatever you have to do ,do quick!

Before you go, here’s the look for today

Outfit- Details

Culottes: thrifted


Others: still thrifted.

Culottes are one wardrobe staples that reminds me of the old school because of its wide legs like that of palazzo. Beret’s you know are still trending.

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Till my next post💞💞💞




  1. You’re right. Time attacks and waits for no one.

    But, you missed your exam? Is t not a big problem? Is there going to be a retake? Why are you so calm

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