Trend’s // How To Pull Off The Clear Bag Trick Like a Blogger


Happy  Good Friday Lovelies!

I feel like greeting you Merry Christmas again I don’t know why I feel this way maybe because it’s still about my JESUS , Anything about Jesus comes with the word “Merry or “Happy” from my own perspective .

I have being home all day slept and woke up to some outfits ideas and a little diy idea also .. I haven’t become an inspirational dreamer if you must know but at times when you sleep while thinking about something you are 50% sure to wake up with a clear picture of what you want or might be thinking of before you feel asleep.

The Clear Bag trend is one of those trend’s that just came in from the back yard  because I didn’t see much of it except on the last Fashion show I was opportuned to watch… .I couldn’t get one so I came up with a diy idea on how to rock one like a blogger would .


Get a transparent bag (nylon)  I got this one from a clothe, it was used to package one of my mom new wrapper so instead of allowing her trash this I just collected it …..


Get a magazine Like this put it inside to make the bag look more attractive.

OutFit Details


Beret: sister’s wardrobe 

Sandals: Thrifted

That’s it for today’s post

What do you like about the Clear Bag trend, Did you find this post helpful?  How would you rock my outfits differently?  Please leave me your feed back’s below..

Till my next post 🌹🌹🌹

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6 Replies to “Trend’s // How To Pull Off The Clear Bag Trick Like a Blogger”

  1. Is it me or that beret is lovely ?
    I like how fancy clear bags are.
    It certainly takes away the mystery behind a girl’s bag.
    Its definitely something I’d love to try.

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