Hello lovelies,  vacation is months away but I feel like its next week. My body has been responding to the holiday call since this week; I haven’t been waking up my normal time and when I’m at work I can’t wait to go home. Isn’t this an holiday call?

For the past months, I haven’t been rocking my denim trouser this is because I do more of dresses and also because I can’t take my eyes off beautiful dresses whenever I go shopping.


Today’s outfit isn’t a dress, I dig out my denim trouser from  my wardrobe and I’m pairing it with this shirt I got from my sister’s wardrobe.

The yellow purse was from my sister’s wardrobe too,  I took this pictures with the hope of making the shirt the subject topic. when I was going through The pictures, I saw that the yellow purse seems to have taken over so I came up with the title.

Denim is still a trend, I don’t think it will ever go away. Do you agree with me?

This outfit works for summer and for a dress down outfit to work.

What do you think and do you agree with me that denim is still in trend?

Leave me your comments below. 


Denim :my wardrobe 

Shirt : my sis

purse : my sis

Shoes : my wardrobe. 

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