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Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to my blog as usual , I’m here with my bla bla as you know. Today’s post isn’t about how I thrifted a clothe ,I’m just going to share some truthful tips and I hope you can relate and make use of them.

Months back I was having some challenges settling up things on my blog , you know the struggle when you are still  at getting familiar with it. I was always asking the guy that put me through one question nor the other all of a suddenly , I felt like just putting an end to that and just let the blog go after all its hasn’t become famous like “Linda Ikeji” so I thought.

So I went low for days and just focused on my other job , don’t forget blogging is also a job and bloggers are making money if you think it a joke .while I was away, my mind wasn’t at rest and I couldn’t help but come back here.

So today I thought of sharing with you tips that could help you also when you feel like you not doing enough on your blog

Go on a break

This is my first time talking about this openly but trust me at times everyone needs a break to clear your head.

Keep taking notes of ideas 

While I was away I never stop jotting down ideas of what to post when I come back, what outfits to mix and how the shoot would be and so on. This is one of the reasons every blogger needs a journal everywhere you are going.

Make Plans

Just because you aren’t blogging at that moment doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan .

Don’t stop reading other blogs

This is what I love to do especially on days I’m not posting on the blog, when I’m bored or need ideas. I just keep reading my favourite blogs so drop your blog links I wanna read them all.

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This pose !!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my post and don’t forget to leave me your comments  oh yes! What do you think about my look?

Drop your comments below!!

Outfit -Details

Top dress: Candace_store

Skirt: Oldie from my wardrobe

Shoes: sister

Purse: Mom


  1. First can I talk about how I love this look?…particularly the top.
    *takes note* show your tailor this style.
    And the skirt…
    Now… I’ve taken a lot of breaks from blogging in the past year and half…it almost became a bad habit….. It was needed. Now I’ve started again and my head is in the game.

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