Take Charge

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Hello lovelies,

Sorry for the break without notice. If you notice this is a new name ( domain) but my content’s from “glamchick” are still here.

Actually I had being on this Candace dairy once not until a friend volunteered to help me with a personal domain with it,I agreed but later it seems I have to always beg and beg for the job to be taken serious . when it dawned on me that he wasn’t taking it serous I had to sort myself out.

I came up with “glamchick”  and was using it ,I later got a message from the guy who’s my friend that he’s done with it that I should check it out .I did and I liked it, so Guy’s “Candacedairy”  is the new baby’s biological name now.

That is OK, my post for today isn’t on that though.

I’m here to remind you to always take charge, taking charge doesn’t me you have to always be  leader over people, control them, tell them what to do,though that can come in when you have a mandate on that character.

This charge is personally for you, on you. Have you being belittling yourself to please another, have you being taking shits just to keep a relationship going, have you being lying to cover up for someone that won’t do the same for you?

Meet my mini tote bag.

Take charge of your life, take control of your life, do things right .stop things that is displeasing to your conscience.

That is it for now.


Skirt and top; @candace_store on Instagram

Tote bag; from my sis

Shoes; have had it for years now.

what do you being think of this post? Have you being taking charge? And yes how’s my outfit? Kindly leave your comments.

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