Hello Lovelies, happy Friday and welcome back to my blog. To start off. I really want to take a deep breath to breath out all the stress that have faced this couple of days. Also want to use this minute to thank everyone that has being supporting my post both here and on Instagram .( you can follow me if you are not).

One of the best things about Friday is the freedom to wear anything simple you are comfortable with so for this Friday, I’m wearing a jean and a red stripes tee.

I chose this red tee because as you know Valentine is around the corner and everyone is already showcasing their red . Though I’m not one to take Valentine serious but you know I cannot deny the fact that its Valentine season especially as a blogger I can’t but talk about it.

I really hope you love this post what are your thoughts , are you taking Valentine serious ?

Outfit -Details

Jean: thrifted

Tee: thrifted

Shoes and bag: thrifted

Till my next postπŸ’žπŸ’žπŸ’ž

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