A couple of weeks ago, I was on the island window shopping with my friend as I do at times to prevent a boring day. The market was so busy that I hardly can walk freely as I want , I just kept struggling to find my way to nowhere in particular.

Then I came across this shop with beautiful dresses hung for sales the first dress that caught my attention was this wrap dress here immediately I went over check it and it was my size, paid for it and the window shopping was over…. Lol!

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Thank goodness the next day was my shoot day, as it was a weekend and that’s the time I get to shoot . Wrap dress is one that can transition all season and this one fits in this summer season.

First, the colour I chose is perfect for what I want, the pattern on it is what everyone has been talking about ,you know the thing with floral.

See how grace of gafashion styled hers . For my shoot ,I paired the dress with my plum heels which has been appearing on many of my post… ..herehere. ..

You can also style


Dress ; Thrifted Shoe; Thrifted Bag; Thrifted

Which look is your favorite?

Till my next post💞💞💞


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