Street Style look

Hello Lovelies!

Every time I feel the need to go out of my usual styles to try new ones especially this street style look.

I can’t  deny not liking  this look, I felt the need to give this look a trial when I saw the waist wrap Ankara peplum my sister made for her dress I thought  this should make a good street  style immediately this combination formed in my head and I got out shooting.

The Look

What you thought on this look?  Do you like the street style too? Please leave me your comments below. 

Outfit Details


Bag: thrifted

Others: thrifted

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Till my next post 🌹🌹🌹


  1. Girllll..
    I love this look. I love panty hose so.. 💕
    And you seem to be a thrifting Queen. 🙌👸

    1. Yes you can call me thrifting queen you know thrifting seems more like a mini adventure.

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