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Welcome to my blog diary, I’m excited because its a new month and I’m publishing a new post in this month also. If you haven’t being reading my post kindly go read them after this.

Today’s post title is still not certain , I’m finding it uneasy to decide on this post title but I guess I will just settle with this or what do you guys think.

I have being longing to get a low budget dress like this that would fit for occasions especially wedding and I’m glad I fulfilled that wish with this beautiful dress I got on my last thrift.

Can you guess how much I got this dress?

This days , I find myself thrifting more dresses than usual and the reason for that is mainly because of work and also because of Church as I can’t wear trousers for Sunday service and I think I have enough black skirt. Lol….one can never have enough.

Outfit -Details

Dress: thrifted

Clutch: thrifted


What do you think of this dress, do you thrift more dresses than any other wear’s? Please leave me your thoughts at the comment space.

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  1. Love that it’s all black and I want a glam thrifted dress too 😭
    I’ve decided to start thrifting so… I think I’ll thrift more dresses… Maybe steal a dress like yours too *side eye*

    1. Thanks dear and I’m happy you like it. Black dresses are the bomb.

  2. Wow, sweetheart you look more than beautiful…

    1. I’m blushing. Thanks dear.

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