Fashion has its way of bringing back old trend we would never think of rocking.

This look is one of it.

2017-11-15 03.34.06 1.jpg

2017-11-15 03.34.04 1.jpg

2017-11-15 03.34.03 1.jpg


2017-11-15 03.34.02 1.jpg

2017-11-15 07.49.47 1.jpg

2017-11-15 07.49.46 1.jpg

2017-11-15 07.49.44 1.jpg


P.s Sure you know that Beret is now in trend? I’m currently loving it

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Outfit Details


Beret: my sis

Bag: thrifted

Shoes: thrifted

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  1. Love the look! I’m feeling the berets this season too

    1. Yesss dear, its really cool….thanks for stopping by

  2. Great outfit love.. indeed fashion is like a circle.. the old will surely become new again

    1. Yes dear .. Its still going around. Thanks for reading.

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