Hello Lovelies!

Welcome to my blog diary , February is almost gone and this is a sign that this year 2018 is really going to move on a fast note anyways February can end tomorrow if it likes as far I’m going to receive my salary you know that credit alert everyone loves to hear that….I guess that’s one of the facts about me.


I thought I would let you guys know few things about me as I have being delaying this post for months now. So sit calm and get to know me.

  1. I love Beans cake (akara) and bread a lot.
  2. I love sneakers but always shy to wear it .
  3. I’m a teacher .
  4. I’m shy and hardly talk much in public.
  5. I love privacy or should I say I love being indoors.
  6. I don’t know how to make friends but I’m friendly and know how to keep friends when I have one.
  7. I’m a sucker for spice TV on DSTV .
  8. I love doing house chores especially washing clothes.
  9. I hardly iron my clothes because I have this believe that ironing of clothes makes the clothe loose its quality but I can iron for my love ones.
  10. I don’t like stressing my hair because of the pains.
  11. I hardly hang out maybe that’s why I love privacy.
  12. People say I love pictures but trust me I don’t I mean how can I not take pictures when I have a camera phone…

That’s all the Random Fact’s about me .

Did you enjoy reading this post, I would also love to know about you too. So kindly tell me at the comment space below.

Till my next post 💞💞💞

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