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I’m not the type to do skin care product review especially when it has to do with facials because for the past one year I’ve being treating acne on my face which was triggered by a soap I once used since then I find it difficult trying out things .

Lately I’ve being having this urge to include a toner in my facial routine I heard and read its good to have one at least , so I got this one after so many hesitation I summoned up courage and paid for it.

I have being using it for a month now and I can say it wasn’t a mistake trusting this product here’s the full product details.

How to use

  • Apply a small amount of toner onto cotton wool and wipe over the face and body , avoiding contact with delicate areas.

Effects on the skin

Use to brighten the skin , relieve itching and insect bites and stings ,sunburn , minor burns , bruises , personal irritation, chafing , minor rashes and skin irritation.


Papaya extract , witch hazel, extract ,……..

My view

This is a toner you could include in your skin care routine if you searching for one search no more just check the nearest store near you and I’m sure you won’t regret it .

P.s just in case you have the skin type that reacts easily to things just discontinue please.

What do you think of this product , do you have one you using please feel free to interact with me at the comment space

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