My Schooling and Working Experience

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When I was in Secondary school High school,I used to wish dream of being in a conventional university where I”d meet new people and change this environment have known all my life in Lagos…lol..I wanted to connect and get to know more people ,socialise and see what it is like to be totally away from home.

This was all I ever dreamt off,not knowing that as they say;” God has the final say in everyone life. So that’s how I couldn’t go to a conventional school I was only learning how to dream too bad.

Fast Forward….🏄🏄 I realised Open university (National university) what could give me what I wanted except been in an hostel so I bought the form and adulting started , Real Adulting started when I decided I needed to get a job to be able to finance and meet up with my finances to compliment whatever my parents could support me with .. ..I own the life so I need to do something tangible.

The Real Truth is, its not easy juggling school and work at the same time but thanks to experience , have had to become used to it and here’s what I’ve being able to gather.

Being Able to Gather Skills : 

On a normal day,if I were to be in a conventional university, I wouldn’t have this kind of time ,nor freedom because I would be under restrictions especially when to enter my hostel and when not to be to avoid been locked outside the school gate.

School And Save

While working and schooling ,I tend to save my salaries well, I hardly ask for pocket money ,I use my salary how it pleases me and also save. You can really save big to after all becoming big doesn’t have to do with age.

Control And Manage My Time

The last time I spoke with a friend of my in a Conventional school ,it was around 9 p.m she said she had to hang up that she have to attend classes 7 a.m the next morning and that sounded strange to me .I mean my school doesn’t do that, going for lecture is a choice, we even get to read on our own, and you hardly see your lecturers.

Read While You Work

I know this might sound crazy but its something I was going to have challenges with when I first joined ,I was like; how do I read and where do I know I wanna read to start with. Till I ask upper levels who were more experienced in this field and they put me through, I even get to do my Tests on my own at my preferred time ,I don’t need any lecturer sitting me down and checking time for me to have round up. This sounds good yeh!!

Combine Projects

When I was going to get a job I told myself I had to go for something related to my field of Education which is teaching and yes I did got a teaching job which I’m still in .

There are times in training,when I give in ideas they always ask “are you studying Education how come you know about this” I would smile and say “yes” .

At times I even get to refer to my hand out books for some research to teach .so you see why I love this kind of life.

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That’s it .

P.s if I had my way, I still would love to be in a conventional university. I wanted to know how it feels waking up early for lectures, rushing to take the first seat and all that….there are Perks working and schooling at the same time .That would be my next post.


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what do you know about schooling and working at the same time,any more experience to add to this? Please kindly leave me your comments.

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Happy Weekend✌✌

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