Hello Lovelies!

Welcome everyone to to little space here ,I have being trying to put up this post for some times now but each time I start drafting I never get to complete it so I said instead of procrastinating it let me just put up the little I scribbled here and continue later.

Since I started out blogging it hasn’t being easy but I like the fact that it’s in the air, I see this blog as a diary where I share my 💭 thoughts and my fashion styles.

But you know the saying (whatever has good advantage also have bad) , since I started it hasn’t being easy I must confess first I will start with Outfit shoots when you don’t have enough space you need in your compound and decided to go outside to have lovely shoots taken that is when you hear people say its not allowed here, some people even tends to give you names like “that yellow girl wey like picture” (in pidgin). That’s why most times I just use my street and my little space in the house to take my shots.

Not having a digital camera 📷 this can also be a challenge  you know when you dressed well and hope for a good quality pictures but having to use your mobile phone 📱 only for the pictures to come out shabby but I’m not letting that bother me all I just need is to keep doing what inspired me to start this.

My techno C7 has always been my 📷 camera since day 1 and believe me the camera quality is just too good… You can see from my pictures today.

putting up good and engaging contents for me personally, this hasn’t being too easy especially  having to come up with a unique title for my post’s. .Do you feel the same too?

That’s it for today’s post.

Do you find yourself in this shoes too,How have you being dealing with your challenges as a blogger?  Please leave me your comments below. 

Till my next post 🌹🌹🌹


  1. Hey girl! I am a blogger who only started out a month ago.
    I totally understand where you’re coming from but I believe if its what you love, keep doing it. dont let anything hold you back.
    I also use my phone as I dont have a camera and I edit with VSCO , you should try it out, they have some free presets which I also use.
    Best of luck on the blogging journey girl! dont give up!
    Love your outfit btw and Happy International Women’s day!

    1. Hi dearie, thanks for this nice words of encouragement, I’m glad you took out time to read my blog post.Happy international women’s Day too. Cheers

  2. Hi Candace, don’t mind anybody looking at you somehow or giving you names, na for their pocket. They’ll come for your autograph when you blow. Use your compound make it into what you want. It must not be fancy or high street but it’s what you have, and it’s your happy place make the most out of it. By the way I love how you style your outfits, you’ve got potential girl.
    You are not alone, new bloggers always stress about equipment and how they can be the best(sometimes I find myself doing this too but I remind myself to continue with what I have and where I’m at after all my work will speak for itself). Please don’t be too hard on yourself, it might seem slow but with prayers and consistency you’ll get to the point where you’ll have all you need. Keep having fun blogging, it’s your creative outlet after all. Okay I feel like I’ve spoken too much, bye.

  3. Indeed, blogging is not an easy job. These challenges are totally relatable, especially the part of creating engaging contents. We’ll definitely survive by God’s grace and putting more efforts in what we do.

  4. I also use my phone to take pictures, even though I have a camera… It’s just more convenient to me.
    I used to be bothered about taking pics outside, but these days, I don’t care again. The beauty of the picture is worth it.
    Loving that dress.

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