March Recap // New Month Feels


I’m  writing this currently sitting on the bed waiting to fall asleep,  this Sleep that has refused to knock .I had in mind to stroll around my area but you know the sun out there isn’t smiling so let me just chill here and type this for you all to read.

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March felt like a blur to me, it feels like all I ever did was work and work on a repeat . I started my thrift business see here,  so most of my dresses are from my store just in case you like anyone feel free to order.  I’m in my final level in school… Bless God.

So Here’s What March Looked Like For Me


Eating : Rice

Making : Business Plans and how to make my blog look more attractive and engaging

Understanding : That God is in control.

Wasting : Wishing instead of working to make it happen.

Wishing :  That I could have a Wi-Fi of my own, you know it’s fun making insta-stories.

Excited :  To be in my final level.  Abegi school life is stressful.

Hoping : To grow my instagram followers and start getting paid collaboration jobs.

Wearing : A strap dress from the store…. It’s available for Sale …so feel free to order.

What’s the Latest with you,what plans are you making ? please leave me your feed backs really love to read  from you.

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Dress // store

shoe // my wardrobe

white top // my wardrobe

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