How to style the check blazer the casual way

Hello Lovelies!
I usually  have this feeling whenever I want to put up a post here I have to check and check to be sure I’m writing  the write words and my spellings are wrong but you know it’s normal to feel that way at times,  nobody is perfect we all still learning  so feel free to correct  my errors I don’t mind.

Check on my mind

I have this love for checks, I feel it’s a mature design for people that know and also it depicts  a kind of laid back outfit.

I heard check as it is called isn’t a new trend though it was among the trend list for last year, I became obsessed with this trend as soon as I saw it and decided to hunt for one at least, I wanted a dress but didn’t see any and stumbled on this blazer along the line I didn’t waste anytime in paying for this. Though I’m still looking  out for a check dress.

I hope you love this look?  Have you tried the check trend to?

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