Its absolute work to create a wardrobe  styles that inspire you and outfits that suits your body shape. It is very easy to get completely overwhelmed when shopping and have no idea where to start,especially in big stores.

It is absolute important for you to know the different between what you want and what you need,what suits you and what doesn’t etc. To shop like a pro have got some tips to help you have that wardrobe you desire.

Create an image board

It might seem like a waste of time to get an image board and paste a few pictures of outfits and art or building that inspire your style but actually it is the opposite. If you can’t make a board then you can create a folder on your laptop with such photos.

This helps you stay in lane with your style and thus not buy unwanted items. Always save the pictures on your phone before you go shopping to refer back to them and make decision before a purchase.

Shop Seasonally

Fashion trends evolve with each season and they move faster for women they they o for men .The fashion industry therefore considers women and men a bit later.

While women certainly don’t need to update the majority of their wardrobe every season, its not  stylish  to look dated . Ideally,you’ll need to shop for a certain amount of clothing and accessories every season.

Shop to your current body type

It is very important to dress for the body that you currently in. Many women do not even know what body shape they have and that is why you see a lot of ladies wearing clothes that do not fit.

It is good to have personal weight goals however, waiting until you’ve lost or gained weight is not the beat idea . looking good now will make you feel better .A short term quick fix can have positive long term effects . Dressing correctly for your body and appropriately for an occasion is a lot more stylish than shopping at a swanky boutique for did designer clothing that is unflattering.

Your personal style matters the most.

Keep Cheap Styling Clothes

Who doesn’t love stylish cheap items? Who loves wearing something that is very common because it is its season? It is okay to buy and keep stuff for a year especially if everyone it at that time.

Shop With  a Plan

Smart shopping takes some planning ahead . Sauntering aimlessly from one shop to shop ,staring at what is on sale and not knowing what to buy or what to even consider buying is enough to put anybody off shopping .

It’s easier to shop when you know your current body shape and how different clothes would fit,what the trend for the new season is and how the new season’s trend would translate into updated look that are best for your body , your budget and of course ,your lifestyle.

Take time to think about these thing’s and use your image board to help make a list ,and you can then set about shopping for a wardrobe that satisfies all aspects of your type you’ll automatically by pass styles that aren’t right for you, which will save time.

And lastly always have extra money for unplanned items .if you are a fashion enthusiast , you can’t escape that…..😜😜

what do you think of this tips? Is there anything missing here! Please leave a comments

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