GuestPost: The Uptown Farm Girl

Zainab Eze ,(The Farm Girl) is a 22 years old farmer who owns and manages a 7 acres of cassava farmland in a small village in Edo state.

She ventured into farming in the early months of 2017 in which her first harvest of maize on an acre of land was in june in the same year.

She is a 500 level student of Agricultural Economics at the university of Benin, Benin city.

Zainab used to have a rather crazy idea of getting married when she turns 22 with #50 million in her bank account,

There she was ,on her 22nd birthday and she isnt even ready for marriage nor had she made close to #1 million .

That was her wake up call ,that she thought spurred her to pick up her hoes and matchetes on her farmland.

Hope you enjoyed this brief story,

Don’t day-dream like Zainab

Story by : Omnivisuals on instagram

Till my next post *kisses*

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