What You should know about online shopping(goods with shipped from overseas description)

Hello Lovelies! Welcome to another working week ,i know we work everyday especially bloggers but I’m talking about official works.

I haven’t become a pro in sharing tips but trust me whatever tips i will be sharing will be bases on my experiences. Most people shop online alot especially we ladies you know that feeling when you tell you friends you just ordered a dress online and in their mind they be like “you a big girl now” , seeing a dress online and the next minutes we are already clicking the Confirm button.(this is so me anyways). Honestly! If you are familiar with sites like JUMIA , you would know there are certain items that always have ” shipped from overseas ” description. Have got few things i need to share with you about such goods.

CHEAP: Their prices are always cheap unlike the ones already here in Nigeria.

UNIQUE STYLES: Talking from my usual order, their clothe styles are always in a unique style.

DELAY IN DELIEVERIES : Not everybody knows this, if you are patient you can’t order foe such goods , ordinarily you could think you have been duped and start making bad comments about such sites..

My style
P.s : you will always have updates as to when the items will be delivered you only need to always follow up . Outfit- Details Shorts: Thrifted Top and shoe: thrifted Bag : thrifted

Have you ordered goods with such description online before, how was your expeeience? Please share ! Would love to read from you as usual.

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