Fashion trends I’m loving lately

I have been postponing this post for days now and I don’t know why this is, but I think its time I put it up . This isn’t a sponsored post or anything ,I just thought I have to share it with you guys.

Current faves

Vintage Trend : this piece has been the most versatile piece of all time especially to those that follow trends or aware of trends both on social medias or to anyone who love to rock latest trends .I’m not one that really rock trends but for this vintage I think I own 3 of if for now and I intend to buy one as time goes.Ps- I will be doing a post on vintage soon.

Statement-sleeves : firstly let me refer you to my Outfit//Dressed to feel Girlyand Rocking rufflessince I first saw this kind of sleeves on Instagram I was kind of amuse with how the sleeves look but I later find it very unique and dramatic.

This balloon sleeve’s is one of them I came across this picture while going through my bloglovin email and my love for statement sleeves increase.what do you think of this balloon sleeves.

Till next time guys.

What do you think of my faves’ do you have similar trends you like too. Do you love the statement sleeves too?

Please leave your comments.

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