Christmas look featuring ripped jean

Hey lovelies,

I’m excited . I think everyone  is right? Oh sorry have forgotten everyone is expected to be excited ,I mean its Christmas .

December is here, its time to begin singing those boney M songs you know  my fa la la la la … keeps coming to my head.

Wait! Before you go on singing, you know Red and Green is everywhere even outside Nigerian, as its the usual Christmas colour we all know to be.

I choose red and black.

I choose black with a fur red jacked to complete the Christmas look.

I wanted something alit more extra ,I didn’t want to do skirt nor dress, so I went for this ripped denim I took from my store ( check out Candace_thriftstore on I.G) .

Ripped jean isn’t my cup of tea , I mean you wouldn’t find me wearing it on a normal day out but I’m glad this pictures came out very lovely.

                                                                                                         Outfit Details

Ripped denim: @candace_store on I.G

Jacket: thrifted

Bag: my sis

Shoes : thrifted

What do you think about this look, what are you planning to rock for the Christmas? Please kindly leave me your thoughts and comments at the comments space.

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Till my next post💞💞💞✌


3 Replies to “Christmas look featuring ripped jean”

  1. So firstly, I love your photo editing… I think the ripped jeans style goes really well with the jacket. I’ll rock that anyday I get it… Lol… You look beautiful BTW.

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