Self encouragement

listening to All over by Tiwa savage.

It autumn already? I didn’t think the holiday summer would end so quickly but anyways, I’m happy it did at least life is going as its supposed to.

Life is full of UP’s and down that at times I feel I’m not doing enough nor getting enough I should be getting, I feel I needed to talk to someone, share my feelings and just feel relieved from my heavy heart at the same time I don’t feel secure doing so instead I talk to God, or write them up in my diary just for my mind to be free .As young adults, I face pressure here and there either from work or home that I wish I could talk to someone about it,it occurred to me that even the person you guys thinking of sharing things with might have challenges than I thought.

It dawned on me that I can motivate myself,I don’t really need to wait for someone to encourage me at all times.

Motivate and encourage yourself,the race is yours.

Sure,you can’t wait to hear about the outfit as it is every where on this post,today’s outfit is a casual yet stylish one ,fits for cooperate all I just need is to swap my flops for heel s or flat as I desire.

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What’s your opinion on this,how do you encourage yourself daily?

Please feel free to leave me comments p.s- in case you missed my previous pose

What do you think about my outfit,my sis said this is Candace in the garden of eden…I’m actually thinking of talking about that title later on.

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Twitter: @glamchickblog.

Outfit details:skirt and top from Candace store,others are thrifted.


Romper meets vintage scarf

Hello lovelies, I hope you like that name,anyways I just thought you guys to be dearly greeted.

Today’s outfit post didn’t come with lotta story lines,but I will give details on how I came about this beautiful and comfy romper suit.

I bought this romper dress for sale but I couldn’t take my eyes off it…I said it has to appear here ,the vintage scarf is an extra spice that perfectly made the game stronger. Don’t you think so?


Romper: river island

Shoes:your feet look gorgeous


Others are thrifted.

im thinking of a doing a give-away pretty soon ,what do you guys to think?

What do you see this romper dress and have you styled it differently before?feel free to leave me a message on how you feel about it.