Boho layering


Work has being alit demanding than I expected this past days.

There are Lot’s of clothes I’ve being wanting to add to my wardrobe lately but my scale of preference has been till it gets to wardrobe turn. First things first do you agree?

Boho styles isn’t a trend of yesterday, it has been trending for a while now..I was lucky to have found this among the clothes I was going to place for sale.

You guys remember this dress from

Outfit//Dressed in playsuit

I chose that title because it made me look like a baby,i can still hear my baby sister screaming  ” you look like a baby the first time I was going to take the pictures .

Anyways, it doesn’t matter how it look,if only they knew how much I love the dress.

This dress has come to stay and will always always appear here so guys get ready.

p.s I’m still mastering how to edit my blog pictures to fit in ,so please I’m open for advice’s and tutorial on getting the game on the right track.

What do you think of this look ,how else do you think I can style it differently? Please leave me a comment and don’t forget to Follow



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How to style long skirts without feeling old fashioned

Meet my new jelly shoes

I love dressing decent I mean to say ” modest dressing” wearing things I’m comfy on is the uttermost truth.

Wearing long skirts isn’t my cup of tea except the are pretty cute and are well designed to entice me but no matter how cute the may appear it has to fit me, I mean how can I even wear long skirts that doesn’t fit me . ..shoulder up. .no way!

This skirts isn’t new on the blog,so I don’t want to go about telling tales  . .lol. I had it styled it here A uniformic look in maxi

No matter how long it may be,the key ingredient is

Dressing either way: clothes,either old fashioned or new fashion whichever we feel to call it,its how its styled that matters. .if you are going casual make it casual and if its for cooperate make it cooperate ,even if its for events . don’t panic yet,I have Muslim friends that wear long skirts like this to won’t even know until you are told, so whenever you are going to wear long skirts have in mind “will it suit this occasion or so “.

Wear to: this is almost like the first ,the other day, I had to go for an evening stroll with my younger sibling so I wear something similar to this. If you are going for any outing you feel skirts like this won’t fit ,please don’t wear it, first of all ask if there’s a dress code, ask for the event details ,so to know if you are free to wear anything you feel like.

If you feel there are clothes that is old-fashioned, the best thing to do is to ask for tips on how to style them to wave off the old-fashion off the item and from your mind.

Fashion is how you style it….so do your best to style yourself.

how do you see my this outfit combination, is there a way you styled similar skirt different from mine? Please leave let me know in the comment space.

PS: if there’s any another way you want me to style this skirt please feel free to let me know in the comment space down👇👇👇👇.

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